Connect 1Dawson is the centerpiece of a Strategic Communications Plan to help the district connect with all stakeholders. Market research proves that the public wants to know what’s going on in our classrooms, not just what’s going on in the boardroom. This campaign is designed to improve employee morale by giving them an outlet to showcase their talent and results. It will allow parents to see inside their children’s classrooms even though they are not present.

District employees and students will shoot and upload short videos (2 min. max), each starting with the phrase, “What I Taught” or “What I Learned.” After a quick review to ensure appropriate content, the videos will be disseminated through a variety of social media, YouTube channels, websites, twitter, email and presentations.

A member of the District’s communications team will manage the campaign; principals, teachers, students and support personnel all contribute by promoting the campaign, finding real-life “stories,” shooting the video “facebook quality” and submitting videos to Connect 1Dawson for review.

All district employees and students are encouraged to “tell your story” about what you taught or what you learned. Anyone can do it. Just look at your facebook page to see how stories are being communicated every day. Amateur videos are everywhere. A great Connect 1Dawson video doesn’t require full production with lights, camera and editing software. We just need you to tell your story in less than 2 minutes.

Here are some simple guidelines to participate in Connect 1Dawson :

  1. Use cell phone, tablet or video camera.
  2. Shoot horizontal video (sideways shots).
  3. Use a tripod, when practical, to minimize jitter.
  4. Shoot close up rather than broad shots or zoom. Show faces and
  5. Use the exposure/focus lock so it’s automatically set.
  6. Capture good sound by getting close or using microphone.
  7. Tell a story in less than two minutes with concise commentary.
  8. Use editing software or just shoot and send one piece of video.
  9. Students may participate, but only under adult supervision.
  10. Make sure “opt out” students are not filmed.

Find more tips:

  1. Each site will feature a “Submit a video” page with a submission form requiring basic contact information.
  2. Successful submissions will be sent to a member of the communications team or designee for review.
  3. Users will be notified when their video is approved via email.